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Content Management Systems like WordPress are what many small to medium sized businesses are using for their web marketing due to it’s ease of use and low start up costs.  Let our team help you customize the best options for your company.

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Everyone is selling their products online today.  OWC programmers will work with you to develop your online store with a customized shopping cart designed to fit in with your current or new website.

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7 Things to Avoid on Your Website

May 6, 2019

Most people’s tastes in websites have evolved over time, but many times companies get their website done and then forget about it for the next couple of years.  In that time, website styles change and what was once acceptable is not longer considered appealing or even worth viewing.  Here are 8 things to avoid on your site:

1. Buttons and information jammed into your website. Clean design is in.  Use plenty of whitespace and crisp images.Flash websites instead of html5 websites.

2. Flash websites were all the rage at one time, but no one is really using it anymore (besides a few diehard fans).  Flash is hugely inefficient and requires a separate player.  HTML5, Canvas and SVG are much more limber alternatives that don’t require their own player, have less security concerns and are search engine friendly.