Most people’s tastes in websites have evolved over time, but many times companies get their website done and then forget about it for the next couple of years.  In that time, website styles change and what was once acceptable is not longer considered appealing or even worth viewing.  Here are 8 things to avoid on your site:

  1. Buttons and information jammed into your website. Clean design is in.  Use plenty of whitespace and crisp images.
  2. Flash websites instead of html5 websites. Flash websites were all the rage at one time, but no one is really using it anymore (besides a few diehard fans).  Flash is hugely inefficient and requires a separate player.  HTML5, Canvas and SVG are much more limber alternatives that don’t require their own player, have less security concerns and are search engine friendly.
  3. Stock photographs to depict your product or services.  People view enough websites today that they can tell stock photos that are used a lot.  Also, there has been a consolidation in the stock photo industry so that most photos come from one of 2 companies.  It’s probably worth it to get some professional photos of your office/staff and product for your site.
  4. Homepage carousels to highlight items don’t work.  People don’t click through any faster.  Save your money here and hire a photographer for personalized photos.
  5. “Mobile Friendly” websites instead of Responsive Websites. Responsive designs are like having 3 designs in one.  They change size (and layout) depending upon the device you are using.  Mobile Friendly are only friendly in name only and require the user to expand and contract things to see them on their various screens.
  6. Videos automatically playing when someone loads your site.  This has been out for a while, but you still see this on some sites.  If you have it, get rid of it. No one wants to open your site when they are at work and have you blaring at them about your product.
  7. Mobile menus on desktop sites.  These are just confusing to desktop users.  They never know what to do with them.

Please avoid these things and if you have them, contact us at Orlando Web Concepts to help you update your site.